Welcome to SEPROCON!

SEPROCON stands for Sanitaire Europe's (S.E.) PROduction CONtrol, and it is a tool written from scratch tailored to suit S.E.'s management needs. Seprocon lets S.E., at a glance: perform inventory control of their stock; allow for dynamic processes that do inputs and outputs of stock (purchase and transfer orders); provide control access mechanisms to limit each user's capabilities in the system; and export a web interface, which in turns offers a well-known, open, accessible from anywhere, way of interacting with the application, while providing the necessary security (all transactions require the use of secure web protocols).

To access SEPROCON, you must log into a secure, password protected and strongly encrypted Web site to ensure privacy.

To log in to SEPROCON, please feel free to use the Quick Access box provided in this page or else, click here: